Septic Tank & Pump Maintenance

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Does my Septic System need desludging or maintenance work?

Septic Tank MaintenanceSeptic Systems were designed to work automatically, however most modern households use cleaning products & washing powder etc. which kill the bacteria which breaks down the waste solids. Some tanks have poor internal filter pipework or none resulting in a failure to filter the solids from saving your soakaway / leechfield system which can be quite costly, (quite like having no oil filter in a car).

Some tanks are completely buried (comparable with welding the bonnet of a car) resulting, over time in solids leaving the holding filter septic tank through lack of maintenance into the leechfield / soakaway system resulting in failure of a septic system. Some get seepage up through the grass of BioMass which is hazardous to people, plants, pets etc. and bad for our groundwater. It is generally accepted that a tank should be maintained.

Every day Ireland is fined due to the quality of our groundwater and recently Ireland introduced new legislation to ensure that your tank meets established European rules. It is also generally accepted that tanks should be emptied every 2 / 3 years to prevent damage to your soakaway, your own groundwater, your neighbours and the locality. If the cover of your tank is buried or in poor condition or you do not know either the condition of the internal filter pipework or the location of your soakaway we can give you a full confidential report and remedy any issues if required. People who have maintained their systems, whose soak-away is working and are not causing harm to the environment and have a consignment docket from a registered waste contractor to show that the system has been maintained legally, have nothing to fear.

Septic Tank Repair Specialist